Yesterday I had my final assesment and I am more then glad to share with you that I am officially Graduated :-)

I Can't really believe it yet, it still feels a little surreal. But after four years of freaking hard work, I am finally done.

For now I have some little projects running which I am working on, but I can't wait to start job hunting for a job with a social focus. I want to make the world a little bit better and now I can make my job out of it!!

Love Cecile
photo; Me and my lovely partner in crime Pien, which who I had an amazing time during these years

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Congrats Cecile! I am sure

Congrats Cecile! I am sure you will be succesfull in the job you will be doing ;-). I think your motivation for helping people and the world is amazing, so keep up the good work!!!

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