When I was in Nepal I met this guy. His name was Joseph. From the beginning we had a lot of different conversation. The subject was most of the time different. What made the biggest impression on me was him talking about his parents. He didn't know them quit well, but still he loved them. Joseph was an orphan. He lost his parents from when he was 7 years old, now he is 22. His parents always tried to do the best they could do for him. Know in the orphan house he told me he was trying to do the same thing for the childern in there. Just to give them a lot of love. I took him to dinner once, he really liked it, and when it was just he and me he really started talking. He was hoping to leave Nepal and get a job somewhere else. He didn't know where exactly. But when he made enough money he wanted to come back to Nepal and live there again. Maybe try to open his own oprhan house. He realized there were so many bad orphan houses that he was lucky to hit te good one. Now he wanted other childeren also to have the change to grow up in a good rphan house.


This guy really made a big impression on me, he was so good and kindely. I think the childern of his age in the Netherlands are much more selfish. That's why he is really an example to me, love is the most important thing you can give, but also you can get.

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