Living in an orphanage, but not being an orphan.

Prerana is a girl who lives in the orphanage in the slums. She is the daughter from the founder of the orphanage. I'd talk to her mostly of the time when there where other kids around. It was good to talk to her alone, because now she can say what she was really thinking.

Me: Where do you live?

Prerana: I live in Pokhara, in the orphan house from my father.

Me: Do you like to live in the orphan house?

Prerana: Yes, it's really nice to live there. Sometimes is it difficult to live there because of the study. The other kids are very noisey.

Me: Sometimes I see you doing the laundry, also the laundry from other kids. Don't you mind to do the laundry from other kids?

Prerana: No, it's ok. I do it only when the assistent isn't there.

Me: Do you ever think dat you are poor because your father has set up an orpahange?

Prerana: No, I never thougth that that's the reason is why we are poor. It was always a dream of my father to set up an orphan house. He is also an orphan. I doesn't matter for me that we ar poor because my father set up an orphan house.

Me: Do you see all the kids in the orpahn house as your real broters en sisters? (everybody in Nepal calls each other broter en sister, also if it's nog your family)

Prerana: Yes, I have 3 real sisters and 1 adopted young brother. but al the rest of the 20 kids I see them also as my real brothers en siters. I like it to have a big family.

Me: Do you want more privacy in the oprhan house?

Prerana: No, I'm used to it to have less privacy. I share a room with my older sister and I think that's ok.

Me: What do you do for study?

Prerana: I'm doing the study Hotel Management, the school is in Pokhara. So it's easy to get ther.

Me: In which class are you know?

Prerana: Now I have holiday and I'm ather the holiday going to class 2.

Me: How  long do you have to do shat study to get your certificate?

Prerana: 4 years in total and then I have my bachelor.

Me: Do you think the study is difficult?

Prerana: No, if I do my homework and do my best it's ok.

Me: Do you wnat to do another study after this study or not?

Prerana: I don't know, I didn't thought about that yet.

Me: What do you wnat tot do whit this study?

Prerana: I want to work in other countries. Specially in the Europa.

Me: What kind of work do you ant tot do and why not in Nepal?

Prerana: I want to work in a hotel, I prefer a 5 star hotel. I want to work in other countries because the salary is better there and I don't like the Nepali hotels.

Me: Do you think your father is ok with it that you wnat to go to other countries?

Prerana: Yes, becaus he know that after work I come back to Nepal.

Me: What do you think about Nepal?

Prerana: I like this country, but I don't like the government.

Me: Why don't you like the government?

Prerana: I don't like the people in the government, they only think of themselves. They don't think about the poor people like my family.

Me: Here in Nepal are 'arranged marriages' and 'love marriages'. Which whan do you think you get?

Prerana: I think I get an arranged marriages, because my fahter think that's good. My parents have also an arranged marrige and they are very happy.

Me: How do you think about it, do you think you have problems with that?

Prerana: An arranged marriage can be ok. If the man is ok en his behavior form the man is good then I don't mind. Im jealous of you because you can choose if you want toe be married or not. In Nepali it often happens that women commit suicide beacause they don't want to get married, because they are in love with another man.

Me: Are you ever been in love with a boy, and how responds your father on that?

Prerana: No, I have never been in love with a boy. So I don't know how he will responds on that.


Now you see how different we live in the Netherlands and in Nepal. She is so happy but poor, and we here in the Netherlands, we have it much better and we don't see how good we have it here.


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