The Last King of Scotland

From British military to President of Uganda. Idi Amin, dictator of Uganda for about 8 years. 350.000 people killed.

This is wat I knew about the regime of Idi Amin before watching The Last King of Scotland, a film by Kevin Macdonald. But what I know now, after having watched this surreal film, I actually wish I didn't know at all.

The film starts with the introduction of one of the main characters, doctor Nicholas Garrigan. Nicholas travels to Uganda in order to help local children and prevent them from the most horrible diseases. Then the newly chosen president Idi Amin, currently known as one of the cruelest dictators the world has known, visits a nearby village. Nicholas is very interested in seeing Amin in real, so he and his fellow doctor visit the village. After a great speech of Amin, the doctors leave but get caught up by helpers of Amin. The President needs a doctor and Nicholas meets him. A few days after, Amin, played by well-known Forest Withaker, wants Nicholas as his personal doctor, which Nicholas accepts. Since he now is the right hand of Amin, he really gets to see everything Amin does. From kills till cruel tortures. At first, Nicholas actually likes the dictator, but after a while, he realises Amin isn't as nice a man as he thought. When Amin finds out that Nicholas has made out with one of his five wives, he tortures Nicholas as well. I won't tell you this in detail, that would be way too disgusting. Nicholas finally gets to escape and he catches a plane before Amin notices he's gone.

The way Withaker presents Amin is actually quite scary. I wonder wether the actual Idi Amin was likewise, but actually I think I already know the answer. The film has had such an impact on me and I know I will never forget it. Therefore I assume that the regime of Idi Amin must have had even a greater impact on the civilisation of Uganda. I wonder how Uganda and the people of Uganda would have been without Amin. Amin killed some very important and liberal politicians, so what if they would have been alive a little longer? Maybe Uganda wouldn't have been in the economical state it is in now. Maybe Uganda would have been a completely different country without Amin.

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