Smokey Tours MDG Tour

Since Smokey Mountain, one of the slums in Metro Manila is closed, Smokey Tours is developing another slum tour. Nothing compares to Smokey Mountain, but a slum is a slum....

We are developping a new tour, with the tourleaders from Tondo-from the slums. In our new Slum Tour, the Millenium Development Goals will be highlighted.

Homework of the tourleaders to develop tournotes around the MDGs, here is Jessie. Isnt it great to see how basic MDGs are, and even though not always visible a lot of people are already busy, trying to make the world a better place to live...... It is not being active for another, but with another.....

Millenium Development Goals

By Jessie:


Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger.

The government, NGOs and the community work in supporting some communities. The government program has a financial assistance. NGOs usually have feeding programs. Communities are encouraged to support some groups and provide livelyhood.


Many people who live in slum areas and most families don't earn the minimum wage per day, they have daily jobs or seasonal and on-call jobs.


Achieve universal primary education

The government offers admission to both elementary schools and high schools but not everyone goes to school because the still have to pay for transportation, projectmaterials etc etc.

Some NGOs aim to raise the quality of education of children from slum areas because compared to children who study in private schools, those students, who study in public schools, get less time with teachers.

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