Although I expect most of you to already heard about this dreadful event, I still wanted to share the following with those who didn't. When I say FC Barcelona, most of you might say; "Mes Que un Club", or "Messi king of football", but last week something unbelievable happened on the Spanish grass. Dani Alves, defender for Barca, was about to take a corner when out of the blue a banana was thrown towards him. Alves is from Brazil and more then once he had to deal with comments about him being a monkey, which is ofcourse very hurtful. Instead of ignoring the banana he did something nobody could imagine.. Alves took the banana, opened it in one smooth move eat it and took the corner without a blink of the eye. Which makes him the big man in this absurd story.

"We have suffered racism in Spain for some time" Alves said after the match. "You have to take it with some humour, it is not going to change easily". But it did change something, not long after the match Alves posted a picture on social media of him and his son eating a banana with the lines "we are all monkeys". It got viral really quickly then as other soccer players and people all over the world followed his example and spreading "banana eating" pictures with anti racism lines.

He achieved a to transform an act of racism, directed at him, into an anti-racism campaign that took over the whole world. Although it is unbelievable that nowadays we still can't stop judging people, that there are still people out there they honestly think they are better then others, it is so heart warming to see how much we already achieved and how the act of one single man can start a little transformation.

source; huffingtonpost

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Nice blog

Hey Cecile,Honestly, I did not know the story. It's good to read that he found a way to turn an act of racism into something positive! Thanks for sharing.  

Thanks for sharing this movie

Thanks for sharing this movie! I also did not see it before, I think he did a great job!!

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