An Egg-cellent Counting Game

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An Egg-Counting Game

One, two, buckle my shoe

Three, four, close the door...

Remember the familiar rhyme? It s been recited for decades, perhaps
centuries, and it s sure to be around well into the future. Times may change
but some things don't and regardless of the generation, children love fun
counting! Navigate a set of stairs with a toddler and try to stop her from
counting each one or watch a preschooler sort his Lego or other toys into
groups — you would never know he was cleaning up!

Kids are naturally fascinated by numbers, colors, shapes, sizes  and
patterns and that's so good!  Their interest helps them develop key
skills such as counting, comparing, sorting, measuring which are all
important building blocks for math readiness.

Simple daily clues can teach children that math is a part of the real world such as shopping, traveling, gardening, meal
planning, cooking,  eating, even laundry are all opportunities that allow you to apply math to your daily
routine. Ask questions and talk about numbers and amounts whenever you can and play simple card
games or board games that require your child to count, sort, read time, reason.

Most essentially keep it fun! Here s a fun way to give your child some counting practice.

What You Need:

       Empty egg carton,
       Pen or marker
       Small food items (raisins, cereal, chocolate chips, candies) or buttons

What You Do:

Write the numbers 1 to 12 on the individual sections of an egg carton.
Let your child count /sing out each number using small food items.
Fill each numbered section with the correct number of items.
Once the sections are filled, work in reverse, let your child name each number, count the pieces and you could even eat them!
You can cover the egg carton with aluminum foil for hygiene and a touch of an shiny effect.

Recommended Reading:

Trish Kuffner

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