Hiya World Supporters,

I keep on apologizing for not blogging as often as I did before, but I had two amazing weeks of fieldwork for my final research in the UK and therefore really didn't have any time or internet to blog.


These last few weeks I seen a lot of London and Birmingham, visited a lot of food venues, met inspiring people, learned about the culture and food habits and worked hard on my thesis. One day in these two weeks I had a meeting with a food expert and when I travelled down to South-West London something really special happened that got me thinking.


It was an early day since I agreed to meet this expert at 9.30 and the travel to this meeting was about one hour. The meeting would be in Brixton London and when I walked to Liverpool street station I got really excited. In London you see a lot of people asking for money for big causes, but when I got out of the tube in Brixton I saw something really different. Some young adults, dresses up like stuffed animals, where collecting money for poor children in their borough to give them the opportunity to participate in life. I got really curious and while I got my wallet out to support this cause, I got into a conversation with one of them. 

I asked what this cause was and why there were collecting for it, if they would get paid for it or not. Since I think it is really strange to give money to people who earn about eight pounds an hour to collect money that supposedly goes to a good cause. Because where comes the money to pay these people from then?


Anyway, the lovely lady told me that the people that are collecting money here are from really prosperous families and feel they should do something back for their city. They decided to do choose a small cause since they thought they could really make a difference then. London is an extreme expensive city and therefore some families can't keep up with the regular standard. This reflects on their children since they won't have the ability to join after school clubs, eat good food, and have new clothes etc.


It made me think, we always give to big organizations since we know them, and therefore these organizations grow bigger and bigger, and don't get me wrong, I think that is a good thing as well. But what if we would focus a little bit more on the smaller things, the things that are happening in our own neighborhoods, the things that we can really easily change… wouldn't all the organization grow big then and would the world be a little better as we speak?


Cheers Cecile

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Nice thinking! In my opinion

Nice thinking! In my opinion you are always looking to help at the most poor places, because you can see those things more easily. That is why people are seeking to help at places far away. Maybe it is also a kind of sensation to look at problems in other continents, because they will look more like a adventure.But it will really help to look more closer and more easy to help people in your neighbourhood. I think they will also be very gratefull.

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