Tales from a former child soldier

Fred's story is an online documentary, showcasing the powerful story of Fred Obala, a former child soldier of Joseph Kony's LRA. This online documentary gives a face to former child soldiers; people we often hear about, but rarely are heard.


Fred Obala (1982) was abducted by the LRA in 1996. He served as a child soldier in Joseph Konys army for nearly a year. Unlike others, Fred managed to recover the horrific experiences he had during the war. In fact, with his Acoke Rural Development Initiative (ARDI) he offers other former child soldiers a new perspective in life by setting up vocational training centres.


Fred's Story is made by Dutch filmmaker Jurre de Beer and psychologist Manouk Hillebrand. They travelled during fall 2012 in East Africa to film for various NGO's. Indirectly they got in touch with Fred Obala and decided to do an interview session and turn it into five non-lineair episodes. With this project, they believe they make a contribution to documenting a black page in the history of Uganda. In addition, Fred Obala shows how resilient humans can be and the power of bottom up projects. With Fred's Story the authors want to put the victims in the spotlight, instead of making the bad guy famous.

This film project was not primarily intended to promote Fred's ARDI project. Nevertheless, you can give a donation and read more about his project here or tip the video on vimeo with your PayPal account.

Om deze vijf indrukwekkende filpjes te kunnen zien, moet je op de link klikken, zo wordt je door gestuurd naar de site

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