Poem "I am Africa, I am Europe"

Title: 'I am Africa, I am Europe'
Made by: Bilal Hassam

I am not African,
I am Africa.
I am not European,
I am Europe.

I am your means to cope.
The sun kissed my skin,
don't need no soap.
I'll help you fly brother,
don't need no dope.

I am morning dew on the grassy Masai Mara.
I am a drop of sweat on the brow,
of the mother,
that picked your banana.

I am Belgian chocolate,
and Swiss cheese.
I am a south African bunny chow.
I'm a BBQ on the Pyrenees.

You see,
I leaned on the tower of Pisa,
I built the Pyramids of Giza,
I even painted the Mona Lisa.

I am the smile when you sip your morning tea.
I made your beautiful black Afro hair curly,
Yes, that too was me.

But when I look in the mirror I'm surprised at what I see,
Because when I look in the mirror I don't see me.

I See...

I see Christian, I see Bhuddist
I see Muslim, I see Jew.
I see patience, I see passion,
I see purpose.
I see you.

Now we have to realise,
this thinking ain't new.

We had Malcolm, we had Nelson,
we had Martin Luther King too.
We have Moses, we have Jesus,
we Have Muhammad, and now,
we have you.

So remember my friends,
we are not Africans,
we are Africa.
We are not Europeans,
we are Europe.

We are the wings of hope.
We are our means to cope.
Let the sun kiss your skin,
You don't need no soap.

Whatever life throws you,
just hold on to His rope

Don't give up.
Hold on to His rope.
Be not disunited,
hold on to His Rope

By God you are beautiful,
hold on to His rope.

By God you are beautiful,
hold on to His rope.

By God we are beautiful.
Just hold on.

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