Lesson 3 on Healthy Nutrition

Education Category: Health
Ages: 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16+

This booklet guides health workers to educate children about healthy nutrition, in an appropriate way.

Note: the discription below describes lesson 3 of an educational program on healthy nutrition. In total the program comprises 5 different lessons, which are all available in the World School Bank. Please find the program's introduction as well as extra lesson 3 material attached.

Lesson 3 – Fruits and vegetables


  • Internet to show song on fruits and vegetables
  • Equipment to rig up simple fruit costumes


  • Refresh knowledge on fruits and vegetables
  • Know the content of the theatrical play

Introduction to fruits and vegetables
This lesson starts with the ‘Fruits & Vegetables The Good Food Song’:

Lyrics of this song can be found in the attachment of lesson three.
Define essential vitamins in fruits and vegetables by showing the video clip ‘The healthy food song’:

Theatrical play about fruits and vegetables
To make the topic more fun and to create a positive feeling towards fruits and vegetables, students have to write and perform a play in small groups. Costumes needed for this play have to be made by themselves. They do not have to be sophisticated, but it should be clear which fruit a player represents. Next to this, the play has to contain a positive message about fruits and vegetables.  The plays do not have to take long, just a few minutes is enough. They should be playful and students should amuse themselves while creating and performing the plays.

For inspiration on costumes and plays, show them the song‘Ba rney and Friends’ with attached lyrics:


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