I don't think I will tell most of you something new, but for those who are to busy to remember on their own; upcoming saturday is Earthday 2014. A day where we all can contribute to the world by switching off all the lights in the house for on whole hour. At 20.30 on 29th of March the earth should turn totally dark.

More and more companies, organizations and people are participating in this world supporting event. For example the Efteling Hotel will switch of all the lights, Center Parcs prevent their guests with candles and Unilever will switch the lights of their bridge off.

And that isn't it, all through the land their are different events organized to celebrate this event and to make it much more fun to spend an hour in the dark. The Switch off event in Haarlem, jogging in the dark Schiedam, Dinner in the dark in Driebergen and many more.

If you need some more tips or inspiration what to do on Earthday you should check out the website of WNF, they have some lovely inspiration.

'Start lighting my fire baby'

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