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Wauw super mooi quote! Heel

Wauw super mooi quote! Heel veel succes Cecile!

Liefs Jorrick

Ah, Cecile, I really like

Ah, Cecile, I really like this blog, because what you describe is very useful for almost everybody in making decisions. Last year, I also had to make a very difficult decision, because something I chose for was not feeling well. But the thing was, everybody said it was very good to do for me and I felt I could not say no to the opportunity.

I feel really sorry for you that you did not like staying/living in London as a student, but I think it is really brave of you that you admit this and that you are not forcing yourself to be there for three whole months. I hope your study progress will not be delayed because of this choice and I am sure you will find something else which will feel even better!

Thanks guys for the nice

Thanks guys for the nice words :) Really fills my heart with a lot of love and understanding, made me smile like a pro :)

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