Going to the 'jungle'

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Donated by Worldsupporter Maaike Arts

Maaike has volunteered at the Fatimatuszahro project in Indonesia.
The description below, about a day out with the children, is both useful for future Fatimatuszahro volunteers as well as volunteers in other countries.

Around the corner of the volunteer house is a big hall where you can play bigger and more active games. The children like to play football and playing with the jumping rope. However, it is nice to put a theme to the days in the hall.

Prepare some games in a special theme, such as the Olympic games, ‘around the world’ and ‘ballgames’.
Give the children also some free time during the day in the hall.

You have to pay a small fee for renting the hall. Ask your mentor about it.

Because there is not a lot of space inside the house and when the sun is shining it is very hot in the hall, it is nice to go outside to play some games.
When you walk to the schools you will come across some rice fields and a bridge. This is a place where you could take the children for a lunch or to play some games.

Collect all the necessary materials for playing outside.

You have to collect the children as well and tell them about it a few days beforehand, so their parents will know where they are if they come looking for them.

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