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Donated by Worldsupporter Maaike Arts
Maaike has volunteered at the Fatimatuszahro project in Indonesia.
The description below, about a day out with the children, is both useful for future Fatimatuszahro volunteers as well as volunteers in other countries.

About an half hour drive from the project site is a nice open air swimming pool suitable for all ages and also for children who are not able to swim. They all like to swim, so you will see children which you normally don’t see in the volunteer house.


  • You should fix a mini bus beforehand in order to get there with all the children. You can arrange this with Pak Jum
  • It is important to announce the swimming day around a week beforehand, so the children can tell it to their parents!
  • Arrange the swimming in the morning, otherwise it will be too warm for the children!


  • Renting the bus is around 200.000 rupiah in total
  • The swimming pool is 5.000 rupiah per person
  • In the swimming pool you have to wear shorts and a tshirt on top of your bikini/swim shor

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