Your're a star! (group - therapeutic activity)

Education Category: Health
Ages: 0-4, 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16+


Donated by Worldsupporter Anouk Spruit

The children sit in a circle with a sheet of colored paper in front of them.

The assignment is to draw a big star, cut it out, and write your name on the star. Each child gets a turn where the other children has to say something positive about the child. The activity leader really has to pay attention that there are only positive things said. The child has to write the positive word on the star. If everybody had a turn, the children can decorate their star and stick every star to a big sheet of paper and hang it on the wall.

The main objective is to increase the children's self-esteem. The other objective is to create a better and more positive group climate. It is really important that the activity leader can create a safe environment where children are not making fun of each other. It demands a lot of the activity leader, but outcome can be a lot of fun, because most people are not used to make (only) compliments about another person.

(colored) Paper, pens, material to decorate (crayons, etc), big sheet to stick the stars to.

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