Anger Mangement (group - therapeutic activity)

Education Category: Health
Ages: 0-4, 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16+


Donated by Worldsupporter Anouk Spruit

This will be a group discussion about anger. I will ask the following questions, write down the answers of the children on a sheet/whiteboard and discuss with the group:

  • What is anger? (emotion, feeling, everybody can get angry)
  • How does anger look like? (facial expression, you can feel it in your chest and your muscles get tight)
  • Let the children think back about a time where they got angry and what they did when they were angry. Let them write it down on a piece of paper.
  • Go back to the group and discuss how you can react upon anger (using bad words, walk away from the situation to calm down, use aggression, talk to a friend or an adult)
  • Discuss what is a right and wrong reaction to anger and write it down on the whiteboard. Also discuss why it is important! For example, by fighting you can hurt somebody and get into trouble.
  • Ask the children to share what they wrote down about the situation. Discuss with the group the reactions. Was it a good reaction? What can be an alternative?'
  • Finally do a role play. Chose a situation where somebody can get angry. Play the situation when somebody gives a bad reaction (agression) and the consequence of that reaction. Then play a situation where somebody gives a good reaction and the consequence of a good reaction.

Give the children more insight about anger and the different reactions upon anger. Also it's a good practice for talking about feelings and emotions.

Sheet/whiteboard, papers and pens for the children.


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