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The children love balloons, so it is nice to play some games with balloons.

  • You can for example put small exercises in the balloons and they have to let the balloon collapse and do the exercise.
  • Another games is ‘holding the balloon high’ or ‘balloon dance', In this game the kids have to dance on the music and hold their balloons high, but when the music stops they have to get a balloon. The child that doesn’t have a balloon can’t play anymore. The last one standing wins.

Some of the kids are very selfish and try to steal balloons. I may also occur that some of the balloons collapse. In that case you can try to teach them that they don’t always get what they want. So don’t give them a new balloon if they broke the balloon themselves, but let them play together with other children.

Buying and blowing the balloons. They find it hard to blow them.


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