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Twister has a field of 4 lanes existing of the colours red, blue, yellow and green. A traditional field has 4 circles of each colour, resulting in a square, but you can make the field bigger by adding more circles/lanes.

The players spread across the field and you call a body part and a colour. 'Body parts' include

  • right hand
  • left hand
  • right foot
  • left foot

The children have to place the specific limb on the specific colour. When they fall they are out of the game.

If you don’t speak Indonesian it would be useful to make some drawings of right and left hand & foot, so they can understand which limbs they have to place where. However, this would be a great exercise for you as a volunteer to learn some new words in the local language.  

Make a field of 4 by 4 rounds on the floor




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