The world in your own city.

This might sounds strange but It isn’t. if you open up your eyes you will see a lot of cultures, which are spread over the world, just in your own hometown. I opened up my eyes and joined an study association who welcomes new international students in Wageningen. In the next two weeks I and 2 other people will become the mentors of 9 students. We are going to help them to make their visit in our little, cold and rainy land the best as could be!


As a traveller this is the best way to amuse myself. I’m still meeting amazing people with a lot of different story’s, though I’m not traveling. If you are a student and are just as enthusiastic about meeting people from other countries, I would really recommend to join an international student association to broaden your horizon!


Is there anybody of you having experience with this? if yes could you please share some experience of yours with me? I would really appreciate it.


p.s I decided to start writing in English because in this way I’m training my vocabulary and this might come in handy for the future!


pictures wil follow later, i'll keep you up to date!

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hehe, I always used to be a

hehe, I always used to be a gamer, which introduces you to people all around the world. I met a lot of folks from the US, Germany, Denmark, but I'd love to meet some more people from the east. The internet is is an excellent place to meet new people though.

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