The Robots are Taking Over!

Right, so most of us will have heard about the story that Amazon wants to start transporting its goods by Drones as soon as 2015. That's.... pretty cool actually. They take up way less fuel than cars. It cuts down on traffic, even if only a little. All in all, the only person grasping the short straw has to be the delivery boy himself, who's out of a job.

But did you know that drone services have been used for way longer then that? It started out in the US Military (where else...?) where they used it for warfare. From scouting to low risk arial strikes, but after the military had their fun blowing up people in dusty countries. The drone became accesible to the everyday man. As long as the everyday man had 1.000 dollars to spend on toys.

Well not long after, the drones began to be used by humanitarian aid organizations. Some outskirt villages in developing countries get completely cut off during the rain seaons. Usually by floods. These organizations started sending out drones with medicine and food. They can easily fly above the flooded roads and deliver aid packages.

I heard about it via this guy. If you got a spare 10 minutes, have a look!

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Hi Dennis

very interesting blog, I didn't knew about those drones actually.

But I love how technology is being used for good things instead of only provide our selfish needs

Cheers cc

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