The Power of Money

**_'A mark, a yen, a buck of a pound. That clinking, clanking sound. Can make the world go round!'_** Right, so I've spend so much time reading the blogs on this site, I thought it's about time I wrote my own. Today, I'll be talking about the importance of money within a country. Whether you're out travelling, either backpacking or doing volunteerswork. There's a good chance your Host / Guide will ask you to buy some souvenirs from the locals. It's a kind gesture and it will help them keep their kids fed, but more then that. It's about kick starting their economie. Now I won't be going into how exactly the world economie works (because it's insanely boring for anyone but me! =D), but I will talk about the basics. To built a stable economy, you need your currency to flow. The more money you spend, the more taxes you pay. The more taxes you pay, the more the gouverment can invest. They spend it on work, housing, infrastructure, and more. Which in turn results in better transportation, having good living conditions, better healthcare and all in all, makes you more capable of making money. This money is then taxed again, thus more money goes towards the gouverment, allowing them to built more roads, harbors, and airports. And slowly but surely your gouverment gets richer and richer. Your currency becomes worth more and you can proof to other countries that you can pay off your debt, resulting in countries willing to loan you more money. So next time you visit a shop in Malawi, or buy Fair Trade banana's in the store. Know that you're not only feeding a child for a day, but you're actively helping to built a nation! And if that isn't a good cause. I don't know what is. **Next Blog:** _Join me next time to see the dangers that money can bring._ **Video is the day:** httppublic://blog/

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Hi Dennis,

I just discovered you starting blogging yourself!

I like it, definitely gonna follow you, I love to read about all the economic thing behind development aid so you are not the only one thinking economics are interesting, ;)

Have a good day!

Thanks for the comment Cecile

Thanks for the comment Cecile! I'll try posting a new blog every now and again. ;)

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