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I'm in!

I think this is a very good idea! But it's a dangerous initiative, it needs a solid plan. It can easily increase poverty if the countries can't live up to these expectations! Greece all over again...
Well...the easiest way to fight poverty in my opnion is: Print more money European Union!

Hi Rajeb

Ha ha :) well I think it will stimulate not working at all, so what you are saying, this could be very dangerous.

Your second plan is an American Dream solution, just act like nothing is wrong, print some more money and then still have nothing at all ;)!

But hey.. I like your positive thinking!!


So I studied economics for 5

So I studied economics for 5 years, and in those five years, I've realised just how little I know about economics. The whole "equal pay for everyone" sounds good, but don't we already have minimal pay? That's a good step in the right direction if you ask me. People also need to realise that living a decent life means being able to feed and clean yourself. As well as having a place to call home. Getting the latest Apple products or getting a second car are 'not' required to live. I'm afraid that the better we get it, the more spoiled we become, to a point where we no longer appreciate what we already have.
When you give everyone the same basic amount of money. You might as well give them equal privileges instead. Instead of giving everyone enough money to buy a house. Why not make it a human right? “Everyone has the right to own a house.” Therefor the government is obligated to builds housing. It might be a tiny cube of a house, but it’s a privilege. Then when you want a bigger house, you’ll have to work for it.
The perfect vision of the future, at least for me, is a place where you’re not forced to work to survive. But where you work to get more out of life. Not happy with the cube you live in? Get a job to get a bigger house. A society where everyone can survive, but those who want more, get the chance to do so.
To make a long story short, instead of equal pay, I’d like to see equal rights for everyone. Equal rights which ensure your survival and allow you to pick your own path in life. Be it from studying, making music, or building bridges. 

Hi Dennis,

very nice view on this topic. I like your idea very much. It should be about equal rights and not so much about equal amounts of valuta because that's where it all goes wrong. The mindset about money is just sick nowadays, so the focus shouldn't be on money anymore but on the things money provides.

Thank you for your share, really like the way you think about this question!!


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