Help Philippino victims!

In de Volkskrant een verslag van WorldSupporter Maartje Ruijgt over de tyfoon Haiyan die miljoenen Filippino's treft.

Maartje woont en werkt vanuit Cebu City en is met Filippino's en Nederlanders volop actief, waar het kan, met kleinschalige hulp aan getroffenen.

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  • Denk mee wat jij, vanuit Nederland, kan doen om Maartje en collega's te steunen

  • Geef aandacht in je blogs en social media aan de kleinschalige maar zeer directe hulp

Nov 13, 2013:
Panny left with the convoy last night and thankfully they all arrived safe and well! No problems on the way there! He drove straight back to Cebu City and is now packing to go again! He has seen devastation, but keeps on being strong. On his request I contacted the Dutch consulate in Cebu. We might be able to help tracking down some of the missing Dutchies! He is now going to ask around on his next trip up there to get more information. Also Kerstea Lynn is looking for her family. Let's use this project also as an communication network for missing people or family members! In the mean time, I would like to thank you all again for the care and support. At 4am this morning I woke up with the phone call of BNN radio 1. I was able to explain a little about our projects here and the aid we are planning to bring! I also see many of you shared my flyer and all I can do is give a big Thanks! Please let me know if you have any suggestions about this little project. Let's make it an interactive program, ok? Even though you guys are not here, you might have some great ideas! Please share them! If you feel like we should focus on some area or you have an great idea for me to get more help, please let me know! Let's do this together!

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Als pinoy, wil ik het liefst de vliegtuig inspringen en meteen helpen!  
Maar dit is denk ik realistischer, aangezien ik geen geld heb om een vliegticket te kopen :'(


Wauw, respect! Iedereen doen, doen doen!!


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