Why live in El Salvador, why emigrate to El Salvador or stay for a long time?

Why should you live in El Salvador as an expat, emigrant or working nomad?

  • because of the fact that El Salvador is a relatively small country (shorter travel times) and at the same time has "everything": nature, culture, beach, mountains.
  • because of the kind and often enormously hospitable inhabitants.
  • because of the cultural diversity.
  • because of the many beach activities you can do, such as surfing and diving.
  • because of Salvadorans' need for conviviality and the fact that they are extremely hospitable.
  • because of Salvadoran cuisine and tropical fruits.
  • because of the lower costs and reasonable standard of living; especially compared to most other countries in Central America.
  • because of your own extra leisure time due to hired domestic and other help.

What should you pay attention to?

  • when invited to a meal, keep in mind that these are social occasions: meals can be quite long and expect lively conversation while eating.
  • that Salvadoran women often pat each other on the right forearm or shoulder, rather than shaking hands.
  • Men shake hands with other men and women, although they usually wait for the woman to extend her hand.
  • that social inequality and poverty is still significant in many places.
  • that a direct communication style is by no means always appreciated. Salvadorans can be sensitive to comments or actions that may compromise their status.
  • that you sometimes have to adjust your demands in terms of efficiency and diligence.
  • that Salvadorans are relatively formal in their business dealings. Handshakes are generally not very firm.
  • that health care is generally good in the cities, but can still be mediocre outside of them.
  • that housing in the larger cities is generally fine, but you have to be careful which neighborhood you arrange housing in.
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