Where to study in El Salvador do an internship, do volunteer work or look for a job in El Salvador?

Why study, do an internship, volunteer or work temporarily in El Salvador?

  • because education is of increasingly better quality (reasonable to good knowledge of Spanish though required).
  • because there are opportunities for studies of indigenous cultures in El Salvador.
  • because your colleagues are often helpful, friendly and interested.
  • because there is much to develop and research in the areas of conservation, women's rights, improving education and, of course, sustainable tourism
  • because, if you make an effort, Salvadorans are very happy to help you improve your Spanish (they adapt their rate of speech).
  • Because the country and the region have a lot to offer to those who stay for a longer period of time.

What should you pay attention to?

  • the work culture in general is very 'mañana' (so set your own pace).
  • sometimes machismo is still clearly present, although things are changing and more and more middle- and upper-class women are starting to work.
  • Salvadorans live by the day and (time) agreements are flexible; but make no mistake: they too can be punctual.
  • in El Salvador there is certainly still respect for hierarchical relations; handle this with care, especially in contact with 'the boss' and older workers.


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