What are the cheapest travel destinations, and what are the most expensive destinations in 2024?

18% of the population in the Netherlands goes a vacation intercontinentally. Funny enough, it can end up a lot cheaper to go (a little) further away. For more than 18 years, the British Post Office has published a list of the world's cheapest vacation countries. This Holiday Money Report (2024) compares exchange rates, costs of food and drinks and the prices of tourist attractions.

What are the most expensive places in the world to go to (2024)? The most expensive places in the world are Costa Rica: Tamarindo at €186, United States: New York with €169 and Antigua: St John's with €163 (amounts rounded). 

The price listed after the destinations is the average accumulated price of coffee, beer, cola, a glass of wine, a bottle of water, sunscreen, anti-insect spray and a three-course meal.

For the first time, Vietnam tops the list of cheapest holiday destination this year. This is mainly due to low prices in restaurants and bars and a significant drop in the value of the Vietnamese dong. For the eight most purchased products by tourists, coastal hotspot Hội An leads the list: beer costs only €1.36, Coca-Cola €0.84 and sunscreen €4.35.

So those who want to go on a vacation cheap should be outside of Europe, according to Holiday Money Report's latest vacation price list. Vietnam tops the list, which is due to low prices in restaurants and bars and depreciation of the Vietnamese currency the dong. Beer can be had for €1,40, cola for €0,85 euros and sunscreen for €4,50.

1. Hoi An, Vietnam: €60,22

2. Cape Town, South Africa: €63,95

3. Mombasa, Kenya: €64,64

4. Tokyo, Japan: €69,48

5. Algarve, Portugal: €70,24

6. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt: €72,21

7. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria: €73,53

8. Kuta, Bali: €74,50

9. Marmaris, Turkey: €77,75

10. Paphos, Cyprus: €86,28

It would be interesting to take out the sunscreen and bug spray, and an one-course meal or daily dish would also be fine with me. And lessen the travelcosts.... mhmmmm. What do you think? I am especially curious what my digital nomad friends think of this list.

Source (in dutch from the dutch newspaper): Telegraaf 


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